Orthopaedic Assessment
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Character: sharp or dull pain
Location: region (joint) of origin
Onset: sudden vs. gradual
Intensity: how severe (scale 1-10), impact on ADLs (activities of daily living), is it getting better, worse or staying the same?
Duration: acute vs. chronic
Events associated: falls, morning stiffness, swelling, redness, joint clicking or locking, muscle cramps, muscle wasting, movement limitation, weakness, numbness or tingling, fever, chills, trauma (mechanism of injury), occupation activities, sports, repetitive movements
Frequency: intermittent vs. constant, have you ever had this pain before?
Palliative factors: is there anything that makes it better? (rest, activity, meds, heat, cold)
Provocative factors: is there anything that makes it worse? (rest, activity, etc.)