Brachial plexus
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Posterior cord branches:
subscapular (upper and lower), thoracodorsal, axillary, radial


Radial nerve, Axillary nerve, Thoracodorsal nerve, Subscapular (Upper & Lower)nerve.


upper subscapular, lower subscapular, thoracodorsal, radial, axillary


Upper subscapular nerve, Lower subscapular nerve,Nerve to latissimus dorsi, Axillary nerve, Radial nerve.


Lateral Cord Branches
Lateral pectoral nerve
Musculocutaneous nerve
Lateral root of Median Nerve

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Medial Cord Branches
medial pectoral, medial cutaneous nerve of arm, medial cutaneous nerve of forearm, ulnar, medial root of the median nerve

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Ulnar nerve, Medial cutaneous nerve of arm, Medial cutaneous nerve of forearm, Medial pectoral nerve, Medial root of Median Nerve.

Union of 4 Medials

5 main nerves of brachial plexus, in order laterally to medially
"My Aunty Recognised My Uncle" - Musculocutaneous, axillary, radial, median, ulnar.